Rougie Duck Foie Gras W/ Armagnac 80g

Rougie Duck Foie Gras W/ Armagnac 80g

Rougie Duck Foie Gras W/ Armagnac 80g

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Foie gras in its most simple and original form and in a size that’s perfect for two (or one, if you don’t feel like sharing this delicious treat!).

Unlike a terrine or a mousse that’s made with duck meat or any other form of meat, this is pure 100% duck foie gras liver. The whole liver is cleaned, deveined and then lightly seasoned and fully cooked with Armagnac wine to preserve it – which means you can keep this delicacy in the pantry for when the foie gras cravings hit. Cooking the foie gras makes this product shelf-stable, which means you don’t need to refrigerate it, which makes for a longer-lasting and more convenient product. You’ll notice that the flavor is not as smooth or silky as a raw foie gras, or micuit, but it is still an incredibly delicious way to enjoy foie gras, and a great gift for a foodie with no risk of spoiling on the way.

Serve this whole duck foie gras smeared on toast or rustic bread, paired with a sweet fig spread or peach jam, or perhaps topped with caramelized onions. A great Dijon mustard and maybe some cornichons marries wonderfully with this delicacy on a sandwich that will transform your lunches. A glass of Sauternes of chilled Champagne is highly highly advised!

Rougie is a French company that’s been producing some of the world’s finest foie gas since 1875. They raise their ducks in their own farms in Canada, fed with local-grown corn.

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